Thursday, March 28, 2013

stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Turquoise

Turquoise eyes are on trend this spring, and the turquoise Smudge Stick from stila did it's siren song thingy on me.  I'm more of a neutral eye kind of gal, but I also love the color turquoise, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
I'm glad I did, as I really like the finish and color of this liner!  Sometimes it looks turquoise to me, sometimes a jade green, and the matte finish makes it both retro and modern (is that possible?).  I like the formula of stila's Smudge Sticks and have good success with them, as they are creamy, nicely pigmented, and do not smudge once set.  As described by stila,
"This eye liner glides on smoothly with no tugging or pulling and provides immediate color release. The formula is long-wearing and delivers an extreme color payoff. A high content of volatile silicones combined with modern wax oil makes this innovative formula ultra-wearable and comfortable."
The color screams 1950's to me, as apparently that was a popular color for everything from kitchen appliances to cars. 
Source:  Kitchen Layout and Decor Ideas
So how does it translate on the eyes?  Here I did a beige matte on the lid with charcoal liner and the turquoise above the charcoal.  It added a nice pop of color without screaming "look at me!".   It wore well without smudging or flaking all day and was still visible when I washed my face that night. 
Indoor lighting
Outside lighting
I also tried it on my waterline, and it wore for about 3 hours.  It may wear better than that, but it's allergy season around here and my eyes have been pretty watery. 
stila Smudge Sticks are $20 and the limited edition turquoise is part of the 2013 summer collection.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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