Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Haulin' v. 6: More Sephora by OPI Discontinued Polishes

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
Here are the last of the Sephora by OPI polishes that I recently ordered, in anticipation of them being gone forever at some point in the near future (discontinued, don't cha know).  Currently on sale 3 for $10 at Sephora:
  • Looks Like Rain, Dear:  Gold with silver holo glitter
  • In the Shadows:  Dark reddish brown cream
  • Why Yellow There...:  Pale yellow cream
  • The Golden Age:  Champagne gold glitter
  •  S-Age is Just a Number:  Gold with green/blue multichrome finish and a Chanel Peridot dupe, from what I understand.
  • Is She for Reel?:  Shimmering chrome gray foil
  • Casanova is So into Me:  My bottle just says Casanova, but apparently the full name is Casanova is So into Me.  Petunia pink cream.
  • Just a Pinch of Glitter:  Silver glitter in a graphite gray base.
  • I'm with Brad:  Blackened crimson shimmer
  • Mauvie Star in the Making:  Pink/lavender/gold glitter
  • On Stage:  Medium plum cream (not as pink as it looks in the picture)
  • Lights, Glammer-a, Action!:  Silver/teal glitter
That's it, I promise!  Unless I find some other colors on sale somewhere:-)


  1. Oh yea so I picked up a nude called neutral beauty and it is very very good.
    Sephora Canada doesn't offer the 3 for 10 deal sadly :(
    I like "On Stage"!

    1. I have Neutral Beauty, and it is really nice! And why is Canada always more expensive when it comes to beauty stuff?!?