Friday, September 20, 2013

NOTD: I'm With Brad by Sephora by OPI and Adele by Julep

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
I'm With Brad.  I've got to admit that the name of this polish cracks me up.  Which Brad is this referring to - Brad Pitt?  Does that mean this blackened crimson is a nod to Angelina Jolie?  Possibly, as this vampy beauty is both classic and slightly edgy.  It is also perfect for the approaching fall weather and, dare I say it, Alabama football :-)  They call Alabama the Crimson Tide....
I wore I'm With Brad for 3 days and then topped with the gold reflective top coat Adele by Julep.  In the sun you can still see some of the crimson peeking through, but in less direct light I'm reminded of a black beetles shell.  Halloween, anyone?
Source:  Saratoga Woods and Waterways
Speaking of creepy crawlers, here is how I know it's approaching fall in Mobile, despite the 90 degree weather.  The banana spiders (technically, these are orb weavers) have arrived.  Now, when I'm out in the yard taking pictures or doing yard work, I'm extra careful to make sure I don't blunder into one of their spectacular webs.  I'm pretty sure I'd die of a heart attack if one got on me :-)  They are relatively harmless but I've got arachnophobia. 
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  1. HOLY CRAP, those spiders. How big are they?? I am slightly terrified of spiders so I'd probably also have a heart attack if I ever got one of those on me. I'm With Brad is a gorgeous color - I like the little red flecks in it!


    1. They are freaken' huge - some get up to about 2-3 inches long.

  2. Love adele!!
    And migod those spiders! *shudder*

  3. GAK. The spiders. SO GROSS. I am the "brave" one in the house that puts the spiders outside so none of the kids have to touch them. (God forbid I squish one, or I will hear about it!! lol)

    Anyways! The nails are gorgeous!! I've seen I'm with Brad somewhere else recently. I think it was someone else on the Nail Files last week or ??

    It's really pretty!! I love the Julep glitter to top it too! I'm sending some fall north east weather your way! xo A

  4. Ahhh!!! SPIDERS!!!

    *composes self*

    Okay, so aside from that trauma (haha) your nails look fab, as per usual. And the name really is funny. Nice save with the glitter, too. Awesome!

  5. Adele is gorgeous! Love that color. Definitely looks like the beetle shells.
    Ugh, spiders, please no. Shudders.

  6. Pretty nails! Great color as well!

    Lillies & Silk