Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sephora+Pantone Universe Day Break Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I waffled back and forth on purchasing the Sephora+Pantone Universe Day Break palette for what seemed like forever.  One week I'd be concerned it would sale out since it's been in the sale section for half price at $19 for quite a while.  The next week I'd decide I have more eyeshadow palettes than I need and I should pass on this one.  Well, I guess we know which sentiment won out in the end:-)
Here's the good news:  I love this palette and think it's quite unique to my collection!  According to Sephora's description:
Create a multidimensional eye look with this shadow palette of harmonious shades and a unique color-shifting formula that alters depending on the angle of view and lighting. Each color family includes coordinated hues ideal for capturing a variety of looks, balanced with a slight pearlescent finish to provide depth and softness. The combination of esters, emollients, and vitamin E creates a soft and velvety texture that allows color to spread smoothly and evenly.  The curated assortment pairs glazed pastels inspired from aurora borealis, misting geysers, and colored clouds with luminous natural shades.
The Sephora+Pantone Universe packaging is lovely per usual, and while the clear acrylic lid with the magnetic closure may not be the smartest travel choice, I'm finding it handy for home use. 
Navajo and Shrimp
I love the softness of the colors and how they shift depending on the light.  While some of the colors are sheer, they work great for layering over other shadows and are spectacular over darker colors, as the duotone really shows up then.
Dew and Atmosphere
At first I though Atmosphere was a straight up taupe, but there is actually some purple in it as well.
Jet Stream and Cloud Pink
These wore well over primer and the only one I felt had issues was the matte bisque Jet Stream.  It looked chalky on and the color did not work for me as a brow highlight. Shrimp and Cloud Pink are similar in color, but Cloud Pink has more of a gold shift to it.
Fairest Jade and Peach Melba
Fortunately, the second matte shadow Peach Melba did not suffer from the chalkiness of Jet Stream and is a color I can see myself using often.  These are subtle, soft colors and it is difficult to catch the shift in color in pictures, but they really are lovely.
Here are some of the looks I've done using this palette:
Well worth the $19 and I'm glad I finally picked up Day Break!  The is also a more vibrant Night Fall palette in this collection as well, and both are still available in Sephora's online sale section.

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