Friday, June 26, 2015

NOTD: My Signature is "DC" by OPI

Well if this wasn't a pleasant little surprise:  an easy one coater with no brush strokes to speak of.  Wasn't really expecting that, but considering I was feeling less than inspired with no desire to invest time/effort in a manicure, My Signature is "DC" hit the spot.  I can see a few bald spots on my ring finger, so two coats is probably the way to go for those that are not feeling lazy/uninspired, but hey, it didn't bother me. 
My Signature is "DC" is part of the Coca-Cola by OPI limited edition set of polishes, and this particular color is in homage to the silver canned Diet Coke.  I've drank a few of those in my day.  I was tempted to mattify this just to see what it looked like, but was mesmerized by the silver sparkle enough to just let it be.  Next time, next time....
This silver motivated me to select a gold for next week, and now I can't get this refrain from Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues out of my mind.  Love me some Ryan Adams.
It ain't no easy life but it pays pretty good,
Keeps her out of the cold
It ain't no easy life
But it's silver and gold
Silver, silver, silver and gold


  1. I hadn't seen this one before but it looks wonderful on your nails! :) xx

    1. It's everything you could want for a shiny metallic silver, for sure!