Thursday, June 11, 2015

Renewing AHA Cream by DHC

The mark of a high performing skincare product for me is if I repurchase it.  I've got a glut of skincare items that are just waiting to be used, so if I repurchase something, it stands out from the sea of other products on hand.  DHC's Renewing AHA Cream falls into that category, as this is my 3rd bottle.
Exfoliation is key for healthy and glowing skin, and this formula contains a powerful 10% concentration of lactic acid which manages to do the job for me.  I've got very oily skin with multiple under the skin bumps, known as sebaceous hyperplasia.  Sebaceous hyperplasia is extremely hard to treat, but some specific skincare ingredients do help, such as salicylic acid, Retin A, and lactic acid. 
The Renewing AHA Cream is strong enough that my skin tingles after I apply it.  If you've got sensitive skin, it may be too strong for you, but it does have some skin soothing ingredients in the mix as well.  I use it about once or twice a week at night, but never two nights in a row.   Consequently, a bottle lasts me about 2 years, making the $42.50 price quite reasonable.  Bottom line, it's effective and improves the texture of my skin, which I'm all about :-)

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