Tuesday, June 16, 2015

May Birchbox: Elevate Everyday

I've been a Birchbox posting no show for the past two months (where's April?).  May was a bear in general for posting due to work demands, which is why April's box fell by the wayside.  But here's a picture of it, for posterity's sake, and a link to the Honeypot Laqa & Co. pencil that did get reviewed.
April's Birchbox
But I will do justice to May's box, which was curated by Cashmere & Cupcake's founder Emily Schuman.  I don't know about you, but I take the whole "curated by" thing with a grain of salt, as the products in rotation would no doubt show up in my box regardless of whose on board that month.  Pretty box and nice theme, though.  Four of the items get a thumbs up and one, well, it's a tosser.
So let's start with the tosser:  Dr. Jart+ Night BB Beauty Balm.  I wanted to have an open mind regarding this lightly tinted BB cream that can be worn all night, should you chose to do so.  But I just can't.  Why would I need a tinted product to sleep in and potentially stain my pillowcase?  Then I considered wearing it during the day, but reviews online convinced me otherwise.
More than a few people talked about skin irritation from rubbing too hard trying to blend it in (see the pigment beads?) and others said it caused their skin to break out.  Plus, it doesn't have a SPF because it's for night time use, which makes it impractical for day use. No, just no.  I've yet to find a Dr. Jart+ BB cream that I did like, but that's just me.  I tried one that actually melted the plastic tray I had mixed it on.  That can't be a good sign, can it?
The Cailyn Spa It Foaming O2 Scrub looks promising, however.  I used it in the shower and initial impressions are positive.  There should be enough in the pot for 5-6 uses, enough to form a solid yea or nay decision on it's merits.
The Cynthia Rowley Lip Tint in Poppy was the one cosmetic item this month, and the color is perfect for hot weather and my skin tone.  I've received this product in another shade called Heartthrob (review here) from Birchbox before, and I like the formula on these a lot.  The mousse like texture wells well without being heavy or sticky, and my lips feel hydrated for a good 3-4 hours post application.  Poppy looks like a more vibrant version of Heartthrob, plus it's got some gold shimmer in the mix.
Next is a tried and true favorite, Beauty Protector's leave-in Spray Conditioner.  I've received this in the past (Birchbox doesn't repeat items, but I cancelled my first subscription and resubscribed, hence the repeats) and liked it quite a bit, so I'm happy to have another one.
The last item looks promising as a warm weather moisturizer.  I prefer gel moisturizers in the summer and this one has an interesting ingredient list that looks like it will do the job of providing moisture without contributing to my skin's oiliness.  I've been wearing it for the past few days and I'm liking the texture and how easily it sinks into the skin without adding sheen, something my skin provides plenty of on it's on.
Okay, I'm caught up now:-)


  1. That lip tint is a pretty color & the leave in conditioner sounds like something that would be good for my hair.

    1. Both are really nice products! Birchbox has introduced me to quite a few products I've really liked.