Monday, November 18, 2013

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in Just Plum Good and Truffle Kisses

 Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balms are supposed to give lips the comfort and care of a balm with the flirty color and shine of a gloss.  Being the lip balm/gloss junkie that I am, of course that is appealing.  Do they deliver?
First, let's look at the hydration claims of instantly doubling your lip's moisture level and tripling it if worn all day.  I'll give this a thumbs up, as I found these to be very comfortable and moisturizing to my lips.  There are only a few lip gloss brands that I can wear  exclusively without also resorting to a balm or lip salve for moisture at some point during the day (Buxom is one).  The Color + Care lip balms feel even better and I could completely forgo any other lip balm while wearing these.  Très à l'aise!
These are petrolatum based, which does a good job of locking in moisture.  Beyond that, however, we've got moisturizing ingredients like avocado and sunflower oils, vitamin e, and aloe.   They are lightly scented with a vanilla/creme brulee type of fragrance, which I smell for a short while after applying.  I find it pleasant, but if you don't like fragrance in your products...
Just Plum Good, Truffle Kisses
What about gloss and color?  Definitely more gloss than a lip balm, but sheer is the operative word when it comes to color.  I picked two of the darker color options, as most of the reviews I read prior to purchasing noted that the color impact was slight, with the lighter shades looking very sheer.  Yes, they provide some tint to my lips, but don't rely on them for any kind of statement lip look. 
Just Plum Good
Truffle Kisses
At about $6 each, I like these for their moisturizing abilities and that they do provide a nice sheen with a touch of color.  I could see them being a good topper for lip sticks we well.


  1. Oh I was expected just plum good to be a bit more pigmentation!

    1. Me too! They are definitely on the sheer side.