Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Raspberry Ablaze Colorsensational High Shine Gloss by Maybelline

Raspberry Ablaze is one of the limited edition colors from the fall 2013 On the Runway collection from Maybelline, and I'm smitten!  This is the first High Shine gloss I've tried, and I'm impressed with both the level of color and how comfortably this wore.
There were 6 lip gloss shades in this collection, including a dark purple/indigo that I was tempted to pick up just to see what it looked like on, but I restrained myself to Raspberry Ablaze.  Some glosses make my lips feel dry or itchy, and until I try out a formula I'm reluctant to buy more than one.  Fortunately, it was smooth sailing with these.
I like the level of shine and am happy it doesn't come with a sticky feel.  Wear time was my usual of about 2-3 hours, but nothing lasts longer on me.  I'm constantly drinking something and if I'm not drinking something, I'm eating something, so you can see the problem. 
Raspberry Ablaze was already half off at my Rite Aid back in October, but now that I know I like the Colorsensational High Shine formula, I'll be keeping an eye out for more colors to collect!


  1. This is very pretty, I think the plum-y pinks really suit your skin and hair color!

    1. Thank you - I should probably wear them more often!