Thursday, November 7, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté's November VIP Box is all about the Eyes!

I experienced a bit of anxiety waiting for November's VIP subscription box from Le Métier de Beauté.  It was due to arrive on my porch steps between 2:45 and 6:45 pm on Halloween eve, and I wasn't sure I'd be there to receive it.  What if some trick or treater decided that was their treat since I wasn't home?  Shudder.
Yes, that's how much I look forward to receiving this box, and fortunately it arrived prior to my departure for the evening, so all is well in makeup land.  The focus this month is on the eyes, approached from a variety of angles:  color, nourishment, and enhancement.  First up though, check out the lovely sentiment on my card.
Is it silly to be excited about an eyelash curler?  Cause I am, mainly because I only started using one in the last year or so.  Le Métier de Beaute's curler ($18) fits my eye comfortably and I'm not experiencing any pinching.  The curvature produced is natural looking with no crimping.  Here's the thing though, I'm not sure my lashes maintain a curl, as they tend to be rather straight, just like my hair.  I wonder if the humidity does it job on my lashes just like it does on my hair?  Hmmm...  
Maybe the Peau Vierge Lash Growth serum ($95) will make them grow enough so that any curling action is more pronounced.  One can hope.  This is the item that's got me really excited!  Featuring the proprietary Syntoc Actif delivery system, this serum is supposed to moisturize, strengthen and protect lashes from thinning, breakage, and natural and environmental aggressors for an overall intensified appearance in about 4 weeks. 
With a thicker milky consistency, the active ingredients in this serum are non-irritating and there is no risk of discoloration, something that I know gives lots of people pause.  I've experienced no stinging with Peau Vierge, something that does happen when I use SmartLash and it gets in my eyes:
  • Syntoc Actif Complex: Potent form of vitamin E to assist the absorption of key ingredients for fast, effective, lasting results.
  • Myristoyl pentapeptide-17: 5-amino acids to help strengthen lashes
  • Dimethyl isosorbide: Promotes the effective delivery of key ingredients for quicker lash growth.
  • Panthenol: Non-irritating form of vitamin B to correct dryness and add moisture.
  • Aloe barbadensis: A natural conditioner and anti-irritant.
The last item is the Dualistic eye pencil in Tamarack ($36), a bronzy brown color.  This is a water-based gel pencil that can be used as a liner or as a color base, meaning it can be worn smudged out under your shadow of choice.  Le Métier de Beauté is all about layering color, or couches de couleur.  Knowing that helps me to understand how to best use this pencil, as I was a bit frustrated initially since I could not get a thin line even with a sharp tip!  Perfect for smudging, though.
The value of this month's eye centric box is $149, and if you are keeping a running total, that makes $584 since the beginning of this subscription service back in August.  Tres bien.


  1. I wish I signed up for this box, everything looks amazing! I have my eye on the new Gravite Kaleidoscope, but the required purchase is so high. I've only tried one LMDB product and hated it, but the swatches look so good.

    1. I just made an order today that will include the Gravite Kaleidoscope, and yes, the purchase price to get the GWP was painful. Fortunately, it works out to be a pretty good deal, so I'm comforting myself with that:-)

      Which LMdB product did you try that you didn't like? The only thing I've disliked thus far were the cream shadows - they were useless.

  2. Wow that serum is expensive, looking forward to seeing how well it works!