Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Julep February Boho Glam: Live Out Loud

February's Maven subscription boxes featured an extra polish and a new beauty item - and I've got to say both are lovely!  I stayed with my regular Boho Glam profile, which included the polishes Rooney and Cameron.  Rooney is a dark mink brown cream that has a jelly like finish, based on paper swatches I did.  Color me excited,  as I love me some jelly polishes and in brown, no less! 
Cameron is a silvery amethyst in the textured Stardust finish, which is quite unlike anything I currently own.  The extra polish that came in all the boxes is called Love, a lovely sheer gold topcoat with micro fuschia and red glitter.  Quite appropriate for Valentine's Day :-)
The new beauty item is the Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow, which I got in Pale Nude.  The consistency is indeed more liquid than your usual cream shadow, but the finish is smooth and sets quickly to a budge proof sheen.  I'm loving the color and and the fact that no matter how much I rub the swatch, there is zero transfer.  Looking forward to giving this a whirl!
Julep has made some recent changes to the Maven subscription program, including that new members will now only be able to skip a box once every six months.  Fortunately, those that subscribed prior to the cutoff date (sometime in December?) still get the old terms of being able to skip a box as often as they like.  Glad I was grandfathered in under the old terms!  Being able to skip is such a nice option and all too rare in the subscription box world.


  1. Oh that's quite an interesting product, liquid shadow hmmm