Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Velvet Rose Stay Matt Lip Cream by Essence

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Velvet Rose is the second of the Essence Stay Matt lip creams I've tried.  I was so impressed with the first one, Smooth Berry, and was hoping that Velvet Rose would live up to the high bar it established.  So how did Velvet Rose fare?
Not quite as good, but I think it's partially due to it being a lighter color than the darker and more vibrant Smooth Berry.  Lighter lip colors have the tendency to show more when they settle in my lip lines, which was the issue I had with Velvet Rose.  It also has a tendency to show any imperfections or skin nubbies much more easily.
I really liked the color, however, as it's a warmer nude that works well with my coloring.  It's looking more coral in tone in the pictures above than it does on my lips, where it takes on a more pink cast.  I also really like the formula of the Stay Matt creams, as they are smooth, comfortable to wear, and fairly long lasting at 3-4 hours.  Factor in the $2.99 price (I purchased mine at Ulta), and these are a solid winner, IMO!


  1. gorgeous nude for you! I really need to check these out soon!!


  2. Gorgeous! I love the way it looked on your arm swatch but on the lips it looks like it really highlights any unevenness, definitely not a product for me!

    1. It was definitely harder to get this one smoothed out on the lips.