Thursday, February 6, 2014

NVEY ECO Blushing Bliss 958

Disclosure:  I purchased this.
NVEY ECO was not a brand I was familiar with, but I noticed them on Ulta's site a few months back and decided to try out a few items.  So, a little background about the brand in case it's new to you too.  NVEY ECO is an Australian organic makeup brand (no parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances) launched in 2005.  Their philosophy is that going green with your makeup should not mean poorer performance or application, so they focus on unique production methods to retain the organic profile while delivering long lasting color and performance.
Today I'll be showing you one of the powder blushes I got, Blushing Bliss 958.  I would describe Blushing Bliss as a soft, neutral leaning medium pink.  The blushes feature a talc free formula, and I'm impressed with the ingredient list that includes a blend of corn silk, chamomile and jojoba oil, along with Vitamins A, C, E to help protect skin from free radicals.  Full ingredient list is included at the bottom of the post.
Pigmentation is good and seamless color is easily built up in a few swipes.  While Blushing Bliss is by no means a shimmer blush, it is far from flat and contains tiny gold flecks that leaves the skin with a realistic and skin enhancing flush of color.  I'm impressed, actually!  Blushes or skin finishing powders that leave my skin looking better than it really is are not an everyday occurrence and are limited to just a few brands at this point (Estee Lauder blushes, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders).   Blushing Bliss may have joined those ranks!
NVEY ECO blushes retail for $19 at Ulta, where I purchased mine.  At NVEY ECO's site and others such as Dermstore, they are $30, so that's interesting.  Ulta only has 4 of the 9 available shades listed, but if they have a color you like, that would be a good starting point to try them out, IMO. 


  1. this looks like a gorgeous everyday blusher! I love that it's organic and has all of those great ingredients!!


    1. I'll be testing the second shade I have in this formula this week! Really liking them :-)