Wednesday, January 21, 2015

After Dark Stained Glass Test Tube x4 Set by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

The After Dark Stained Glass Test Tube set is currently on sale at Sephora for $10, which is a great price point for those who haven't tried these out yet.  Personally, I'm a fan of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic (OCC) lip tars, including the stained glass formula.
These stained glass lip tars provide more sheer tints of color in comparison to the opaque matte lip tars, and I like how they start off with a high gloss finish and then dry down to a more matte stained look.  Despite being more sheer, three out of the four in this set still provide plenty of color, with a wear time of a good 3 hours or so.  Little Black Dress was much more sheer than I was expecting, and works best mixed with other shades.
Little Black Dress, New Wave, Jealous, Hedonist
I do need to wear more of the stained glass formula than the original lip tars, which require a minute amount they are so crazy pigmented.  Even still, these mini-sized lip tars will provide plenty of uses, and I hope OCC continues to release them, as I doubt I'll ever make it through the full sized versions ($18).
New Wave + Little Black Dress
Jealous + Hedonist + Little Black Dress
The biggest downside of the lip tars for me as that they are not easy to apply on the go, as they are best applied with  a lip brush.  A mini brush is included in this set, and the whole set is compact enough to throw in your purse if desired.
Wearing Jealous


  1. loooove new wave! This was such a steal for $10!

  2. New Wave is great - I've got 3 of them now from various sets!