Thursday, January 1, 2015

NOTD: Scrangie 2.0 by Rescue Beauty Lounge

Scrangie 2.0 was part of The Blogger's Collection 2.0, released in 2013, and was inspired by the namesake's desire for a polish that evoked a black oil slick with a multifaceted ring visible in low light.  No easy feat there, and the "end result is a polish that contains isolated oil rings...the color of an oil base that floats on water with rainbow sparkles, it shifts from shade to shade depending on the light that is cast on it."
To me, it looks like tarnished brass, and it satisfies my love of brown polishes with a something little extra.  Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes are $20, and I like to pick up a few each year that speak to me.  I think founder and creator Ji Baek does such a great job of telling stories with her polishes, taking them to a whole different level.

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