Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in New York

Wowza, what a stunner this one is.  I've had a few other Mirenesse lip products, all received via Birchbox, and the quality has been consistently good with this Australian brand.  I even attempted to buy a few items direct from Mirenesse a while back, but found the changing selections and prices a bit confusing/infuriating, so cancelled my order before it shipped. 
But back to New York:  it's a gorgeous coral red that makes a statement.  Insanely pigmented, smooth, with a matte finish, and get this - comfortable to wear.  It's not often that a matte is this comfortable, at least in my experience.
I applied with the applicator and then smoothed out with my finger.  No doubt a brush would give a more precise line, but not bad considering my rushed in the morning routine.
Wear time was pretty good sans eating, as that did wear away the inner portion of the lips.  If I starved myself, I could probably get a good 6 hours of wear, but I'm not going to do that :-)  There is some slight transfer to cups when drinking, but the pigmentation is so good it doesn't seem to affect the look.  I experienced zero feathering or smudging.
New York is not an everyday kind of color for me, but maybe it should be.  I like how it looks.  If you don't feel like navigating Mirenesse's site yourself, there are some select products such as the Mattfinity Lip Rouge's at Birchbox.  I may have to acquire another color from the 10 shades available once my Birchbox dollars build up again.


  1. never heard of this brand before, but what a gorgeous lip color for spring!!! In love!

    1. Really liking the formula and color of this one!