Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Manic Revolution Lipstick by Urban Decay

Manic was actually the second Revolution lipstick from Urban Decay that I acquired, way back in August of 2013.  I didn't wear it until the fall of 2014, however, as I guess I wasn't into it's "soft wine" color until then.  I'm actually really enjoying it now, however!
I find the Revolution lipstick formula of the ones I've tried (see reviews for Fiend, Catfight, and Rapture) to be nicely pigmented, comfortable to wear, and moderately moisturizing.  Wear time is about 3 hours, which is the norm for me.
Manic does have a slight pink shimmer to it, which makes it the only non-cream Revolution lipstick I've tried thus far.  The shimmer is subtle, giving the finish more of a sheen than the gloss of the creams.
Since I do most of my shopping online, I rely heavily on reviews and swatch pictures prior to purchase (and Temptalia's product grades, almost always), and Manic is a color that is somewhat unique to my coral and peachy pink dominated collection.  It works well with my fair by warm toned complexion, leaning neither too warm or too cool in tone.  I like, and am glad I broke it out of it's involuntary isolation.
I know Urban Decay is releasing a sheer, more balmy version of some of the Revolution lip colors this spring called Sheer Revolution.  Not sure if I'll pick up any of those, but I'm definitely a fan of the original version!


  1. I never really have this line a fair chance! I have lovelight and it's lovely, but nothing of a HG status! I might have to pick up one of these and perhaps one of the new sheer ones the next time I'm shopping around!

    Looks great on you though! Warm colors always do!

    1. These have grown on me, as opposed to being "wowed" initially. Sold performers, IMO.