Thursday, January 22, 2015

Becca Sheer Eye Tint in Romanticism: A Taupe Lover's Delight

I've been wanting to try BECCA's eye tints for a while now, and had my eye on the 24/7 Tints set at Sephora for the longest time.  Fortunately, it was still available during their Sale on Sale event right after Christmas, and I snapped it up. 
The 24/7 Tints set (it's no longer in stock at Sephora, but the shades are all available individually) contained two eye tints, Romanticism and Gilt, and two cheek tints, Raspberry and Grapefruit.  Today I have Romanticism to show you, which I've been wearing about every other day for the past two weeks.  I'm smitten.
Why am I smitten?  Well, although the online description is a "mauve bronze", it's such a soft, pretty taupe. I love how natural it looks on, and enjoy wearing it on it's own with eyeliner or as a base shadow with another taupe powder shadow to define my crease.  Below I'm wearing it on it's own with Urban Decay's Stray Dog 24/7 pencil on my upper lash line, and Mainline on my bottom lash line. 
In the full face shot, I'm wearing it as a base shadow with Burnished Sapphire from Le Métier de Beauté's After Dark kaleidoscope to darken the crease and outer edges of my eyes. 
Over primer, I get a good 8 hours of wear and they tend to fade as opposed to crease on me.  I honestly was not expecting too much from the sheer tints, as the online reviews were decidedly mixed.  Romanticism is hitting my sweet spot though!  Glad I snapped up the set before it was gone, as I paid about $28 for the set of four tints, which are regularly $24 each for the eye tints and $25 each for the cheek tints.

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