Friday, January 2, 2015

Maestro Fusion Blush #500 by Giorgio Armani

My exploration of Armani Beauty products continues with the Maestro Fusion Blush in 500.  It's a warm terracotta rose that looks intense in the bottle, but can be sheered out to a lovely flush of matte color that blends seamlessly into the skin. 
The formula is quite different than anything else I own, with it's pigment suspended in liquid.  Hence the dropper applicator, which I lightly tap on the back of my hand to pick up a pea sized drop.  I then use a small but dense brush to blend out on my hand first, and then my check.  That small amount is enough for both cheeks.

The liquid quickly dries down to a powder finish that works quite well on my oily skin.  The Maestro formula does contain alcohol, but considering I'm not wearing this everyday, I'm not concerned about any drying or detrimental effects on my skin (apparently, alcohol can inhibit collagen production). 
Initial blending
Fully blended out
The finish is matte without being flat, and the liquid formula did not disturb my foundation.  It's easy to blend out with a brush as long as you do some of the blending initially on another surface (hence why I blend on my hand first).
Available in only 3 shades (they can be blended to make your own custom colors, however) and pricey at $52, this is not a must have IMO, but I have been reaching for it quite a bit.  The bottle will last me a lifetime provided I don't drop and break it, so I consider it a worthwhile investment. 


  1. It looks great on you! Gorgeous color too, but the price? meh. If I loved blush and didn't have a million products already, maybe..

    1. I know, and I already have more blush products than I will be able to use in a lifetime! I do like this one, but it would make more sense to have it in a smaller container at a cheaper price.