Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bubble & Bee Coffee Vanilla, Lemon Poppy, & Mint Tea Organic Soaps

Lemon Poppy, Coffee Vanilla, Mint Tea
I've got a thing for soap.  I will use shower gels, but I actually prefer a good bar soap.  I've been swimming in soap for the past few years, as I've got a family member that started making her own.  Occasionally though, I'll get tempted to buy soap even with my surplus, and Bubble & Bee is the most recent soap siren that got me.

Coffee Vanilla organic soap
I bought Bubble & Bee's Coffee Vanilla soap a while back just to round out an order.  When I got it, I was disappointed that it didn't smell like coffee or vanilla (maybe a bit like vanilla extract).  Despite my disappointment in the lack of fragrance, I then proceeded to fall in love with it.  It has such a creamy lather and I can see the little ground up vanilla beans in it.  So, when Bubble & Bee had a 30% off sale on their soaps, I bought another Coffee Vanilla, along with a Lemon Poppy and Mint Tea so that I could get the 3 pack deal.  There are actually 15 different soaps to chose from, including an unscented version.  

Lemon Poppy organic soap
The benefits listed for these soaps are:  100% natural, contains no water, contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers, contains absolutely no synthetic detergents, completely free of synthetic fragrances and colors, lathers up really well, one bar lasts a long time, can be used in the shower or as a face and hand soap, vegan, no animal testing, gluten-free.

Mint Tea organic soap
The Lemon Poppy does indeed smell like a lemon poppyseed muffin and is supposed to be good for exfoliating.  I'm currently using Mint Tea, a refreshing combo of spearmint and peppermint that also contains french green and kaolin clay to draw out impurities.   The lather on this one is divine.  Of the Bubble & Bee soaps that I've used thus far, I do not find them drying, perhaps because they contain moisturizing vegetable glycerin. 

The soaps retail for $6 each at Bubble & Bee or you can purchase three for $15.  

Vanilla Coffee ingredients:  Organic coconut and palm oils saponified, vegetable glycerin, vanilla bean fiber, organic vanilla extract, organic coffee extract, sorbitol (from sugar beets). 

Lemon Poppy ingredients:   Organic coconut and palm oils saponified, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol [extracted naturally from sugar beets], organic poppy seeds, organic lemon essential oil.

Mint Tea ingredients:  Organic coconut and palm oils saponified, vegetable glycerin, french green clay, kaolin clay, organic spearmint essential oil, organic peppermint essential oil.

Disclosure:  I bought these. 

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