Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stain in Mozzarella

Mozzarella lip balm stain
For those that may not know, Sephora will no longer be carrying Tokidoki, the Japanese inspired brand created in 2005 by the Italian artist Simone Legno.  In 2010, Tokidoki had teamed with Sephora to produce makeup, but now that Sephora will no longer be carrying Tokidoki, I'm not sure if that means the makeup is gone forever or what.  Anybody out there know?  The Tokidoki Sephora video on Tokidoki's site is no longer available to view, although there is still a link from the home page. 

I picked up one of the Gelato Lip Balms in Mozzarella, currently on sale for $5.  Tokidoki products seem to have varied quite a bit in quality (um hello, it's made by Sephora), but these lip balms have mainly positive reviews, so I thought I better get one before they are gone forever.  A little background on Mozzarella from Tokidoki:
Mozzarella leads the Moofia. The Moofia was assembled to extort milk from the lunchboxes of schoolyard bullies. Mozzarella is loving and kind to good kids but ruthless and feared by those who harass the innocent. By taking the milk from the bad and giving it to the good, the Moofia know the good will grow up strong and healthy to protect themselves. Milk is power. Milk is protection.
The tube color is a vibrant orange/coral, but it applies more pink on my lips. It's bright without being too much, has some gloss to it, has a nice peach scent, and lasts for about 1.5 hours before needing reapplication.  It does also leave behind a stain once the gloss wears off, although the stain only lasts for a couple of hours.  Also on the plus side, it does not make my lips feel dry and I could easily see carrying this around as a lip balm. 

Goodbye Tokidoki makeup, glad I got to experience a small part of you!

Disclosure:  I bought this. 


  1. I didn't expect to be so pigmented. Thanks for the swatch!

    1. Of all the lip balm/stains I've bought recently, this may be my favorite!

  2. I didn't know sephora is going to stop being affiliated with tokidoki ! So sad :( I have Pink Martini, and it's a really pretty pink color. It stays on my lips for a very long time and it mosturizes them so well !
    Now, knowing that I probably won't see tokidoki makeup anymore, I'm going asap to Sephora in order to buy the entire line of lip balms that we have in France (with ciao ciao, donutella, pink martini and skeletrina). Love them !