Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Buxom More to Love, Part One

Does anyone else stalk the Sephora sale section on a daily basis or am I the only one?  Sometimes it pays off, as in last week when a slew of Buxom products went on sale.  I've had my eye on the More to Love set for a while, so when I saw it in the sale section I snapped it up.  What's not to love about getting 5 full sized Buxom products for $28, especially since I get to try out some new to me products like the lip tarnish and eye shadow?  While this set is now gone for good (edit:  as of July 19 it is now back in stock at Sephora and is on sale for $28), all of the items are available separately.  Let's start with the eye products.
I need another black liner about as much as I need um, nothing.  The  Insider Eyeliner in Onyx ($14) does have a nice thin tip which makes it easy to tightline lashes or use on your waterline.  The formula includes antioxidants and vitamins to protect the delicate eye area, which is a nice touch.  I did experience some skipping on one eye, which I didn't notice until taking pictures.  I also experienced some pooling/smudging in the corner of my outer eye, probably from the waterline.  The upper lash line wore well throughout the day.  I don't usually line my waterline as I've got small eyes to begin with, and honestly, when I see myself in the mirror I think "replicant".  So, out of the five products, this is my least favorite and will probably not get much use.

The  Stay-There Eyeshadow in Collie ($18), on the other hand, is a winner!  This champagne shimmer is a great all over color or would work well as a highlighter.  I used my finger to apply and it was smooth and even in one or two passes.  Easy peasy.  I did notice that this cream to powder shadow has separated from the edges of the container, but I can't tell any problems with the shadow itself.  This set was released last year around the holidays, so I don't know if age has something to do with that or what.  Collie wore well (I used a primer), no creasing but some fading after 8-9 hours. 

I'm neutral about the Buxom Lash Mascara in Blackest Black ($19).  The brush is a bit on the large side for my taste, and I find it hard to reach the inner corners of my eye with it.  I didn't have any issues with clumping or smudging however, so it seems to perform well.  It just didn't wow me, but maybe I'll grow to love it.  That has happened before.

Overall, an easy but pretty look, I think!  Tomorrow I'll have the lip tarnish and gloss for the finished look.

 Disclaimer:  I purchased these.

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