Monday, July 2, 2012

Empties! Products I Finished in June

Products I finished in June
I've seen people do posts on products they've hit pan on or finished, and I thought I'd like to do those periodically as well.  Granted, most of the products I hit empty on are body, skin, or hair care, but those count too!

First up is LaLicious Peppermint Sugar Souffle and Body Butter.  I'm sad this is gone, as I've been tricking my mind into thinking it's cooler than the 95 degree plus weather we've been experiencing by using this peppermint scented scrub and cream.  The scent does not actually linger very long, which also worked for when I wanted to use one of my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils.  I have very few unscented products, and while this one isn't scentless, it fades to an almost dandelion (herbal) type of scent that is very faint.  I've reviewed a LaLicious scrub before so won't go into detail here.  The body creams are also very nice.  I would purchase both again.

Next is Ultraceticals Professional Even Skintone Serum.  I wept a bit when this was gone.  I've been using it daily since I got it back in mid-March, so it lasted me almost 5 months.  This stuff is good, and I would purchase again.  The weeping part comes from the price, which is $74.  I got it as part of a 3 piece set, reviewed here, for $7 on the sale shelf at TJ Maxx.  Out of the 3 pieces, this was the star performer for my skin. 

The Nick Chavez shampoo was actually a deluxe size sample that I received in one of my Birchboxes.  I liked it, the smell is nice, but it wasn't a stand out and I won't be purchasing another.  I'm not a loyalist to any one shampoo though.

Last is Kate Somerviller's Exfolikate, reviewed here.  That may look like a sample size above, but it's actually the smallest sized option for the product and costs $19.  I buy multiples of the smaller version because it's cheaper than buying the equivalent amount in the larger size.  The only reason I won't be repurchasing this one is because I've got 4 or 5 more sitting in my closet.  I use it about twice a week and am still a fan.

Anything you finished last month?  Would you repurchase?

Disclosure:  I bought all of these.


  1. Great job on your empties! June was a pretty poor turnout for me, so I didn't even bother blogging about it (deodorant and contact solution).

    1. I'm more focused now on finishing stuff up, probably because I've accumulated way too much. Time to pare down.