Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color of the Year Eyeliner Set from Sephora + Pantone Universe

I did not need this eyeliner set, but that orange pencil did some kind of siren song thing on me.  I've got plenty of black and brown eyeliners, but an orange one?  Will I even use an orange one?  These are the questions I asked after I pulled the trigger, obviously.

On the plus side, these are nicely pigmented, smooth, glossy, and wore well.  Top notch pencils, actually.  They are also only $15 for the set, so that's $5 a pencil, not bad at all.  The packaging is very nice, as it seems all of the Color of the Year products have been.  The only other one I got was the nail polish set, and while the quality of the polishes was just so so, the packaging was primo. 

Meteorite, Tangerine Tango, Chestnut
So, since the orange pencil is what intrigued me about this set, here are my thoughts now that I have it.  It's pretty.  But I doubt I'll find much use for it.  It's not a good color for me for an eye look.  It does work as a lip  liner or potentially as an all over lip color, so perhaps it will get some use that way.  Below I used it as a lip liner with Revlon's Kissable lip balm stain "Rendevous". 

Disclosure:  I bought these.  Obvious impulse buy.

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