Monday, July 16, 2012

stila Monaco Eye Shadow Trio Set

Monaco eye shadow trio set
I received a stila shadow card in my March Birchbox that contained 3 shadows.  One was Diamond Lil, a shimmery taupe or shimmery metallic platinum, as described on Sephora.  I liked it enough that Diamond Lil stayed in my brain, and when stila had their recent sale, I went looking for it.  Diamond Lil wasn't one of the shadows on sale, however, and I went back and forth about some other shadows and a palette to put them in but never pulled the trigger.

Then I see that Sephora has some new stila eye shadow trio's available.  One of them looks like it might have Diamond Lil in it, but they don't list shadow names!  I take a chance and order Monaco, and am rewarded with my coveted shadow.  At a fraction of the price, which makes her even sweeter.  The eye shadow trios come boxed with the empty palette and 3 separately boxed eye shadows that fit into the palette's magnetized slots.

Taken outdoors
Monaco also contains Chinois, a matte cream, and Ebony, a matte black.  I'm glad that Kitten wasn't the lighter color included, as it was on the shadow card, since I've already got one.  I'm sure everyone does, based on how stila includes it with everything.   Although I will admit I used Kitten to highlight my inner eye for the shots below.

The shadows are soft and nicely pigmented, but I did experience a fair amount of fallout when applying.  I don't have lots of experience with stila shadows so I don't know if that's normal or not.  Anyone?  These do blend out easily and other than the fallout, I had no complaints.
Taken indoors

I used Chinois over my entire lid, Diamond Lil along the crease, outer edges and lower lash line, and Ebony over a black liner on the upper lash line.  I don't usually use color on my water line since my eyes are narrow, but I'm testing the Sephora/Pantone pencil set, review coming soon. 

The stila eye shadow trios are $16, which is a fantastic price!  The shadows are normally $18 each, so you are getting 3 shadows for less than the price of one, with a free palette thrown in as well.  Currently, there are five sets available:  French Rivieria, Monaco, Cape Town, Rome, and Amsterdam.  I bought Cape Town as well and am looking forward to trying it out!

Disclosure:  I bought this. 

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