Friday, July 20, 2012

theBalm shadyLady, vol. 1

I took advantage of a Memorial Day 3-for-1 sale theBalm had to pick up all three shadyLady palettes.  I was never lucky enough to find one at TJ Maxx that wasn't broken or dirty.  Having heard how great these eye shadows are, it was really a no brainer to take advantage of the sale.

After using them for 6 weeks, I can say they really are all that and a box of chocolates!  Soft, buttery, pigmented, just lovely all around.  I'll review each palette separately, starting with volume one.

The first row starts with the warm tones.  Caught in the act courtney, a dark brown with bronze micro glitter,was the problem child of the palette for me, as it took multiple swipes to build up color.  Next is shameless shana, a medium topaz shimmer.  Luscious lani is flesh colored with a pink undertone and makes for a really nice all over lid color.

caught in the act courtney, shameless shana, luscious lani (sun)
caught in the act courtney, shameless shana, luscious lani (shade)
The second row are the jewel tones with jealous jordana, a dark emerald green. Second is risque renee, a sapphire blue.  Last is curvy cami, a blue toned pink with a gold shimmer.  I apologize for the smearing in these photos.  I brushed up against a spider web outside when taking pictures, and had an involuntary freak out response.  Hence the smearing.

jealous jordana, risque renee, curvy cami (sun)

jealous jordana, risque renee, curvy cami (sun)
The last row is my favorite, both for the colors and how soft and buttery the first two shadows are.  Jet-setting jennifer is a lovely pale gold and one of the smoothest, softest shadows I've ever encountered.  All about alex is almost as soft and is a medium loden or golden green.  Rounding up the palette is easy wheezie, a soft blue gray.

jet-setting jennifer, all about alex, easy wheezie (sun)
jet-setting jennifer, all about alex, easy wheezie (shade)
With the exception of the one glitter shade, caught in the act courtney, all of the shadows are nicely pigmented, easy to build up, blendable and wear for a good 8-10 hours without creasing with primer.  No heavy frosts or overdone shimmers, which make them imminently wearable.  There is also a nice blend of lights, darks, neutrals, and jewel tones in shadyLady volume one.  All told, this is a great palette!

Below is a look I did with my favorites jennifer, alex, and wheezie.

The shadyLady palettes cost $39.50 each and I got mine directly from theBalm.  However, Hautelook is featuring theBalm today, so there may be some good deals to be found!

Disclosure:  I bought this.

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