Thursday, July 19, 2012

Buxom More to Love, Part Two

Today I've got the lip tarnish and lip gloss from the Buxom More to Love set to show you.  I love Buxom glosses, they are my favorites.  So, if there is a set released that contains a full sized Buxom lip gloss, chances are I'm going to get it.  I had not tried the lip tarnishes, however, so was especially excited that the More to Love set contained one to try.  The colors of the lip tarnish and lip gloss really do complement each other well, I think.
The Big & Health Lip Tarnishes ($18) are supposed to "tint like a stain, shine like a gloss, moisturize like a balm, and plump like nobody's business".  They do have the same vanilla smell and minty tingling sensation that you get from the Buxom glosses, which I happen to like.  They are moderately glossy and nicely pigmented, although I'm not seeing lingering stain after they wear off.

Scandal Lip Tarnish
The shade in this set is "Scandal", which is rosy mauve and just a bit darker than my natural lips, so perhaps that's why I'm not noticing much of a staining capability.  I don't find them drying to wear and they last about 3 hours on me, but I'm always drinking something, so that's about the limit for me.  These have a sharpener built into their cap. 

The lips gloss in this set is Clair, described as a diamond/moonlit mauve.  It's not as pigmented as it looks in the tube, but does provide a nice gloss and shimmer.  I love Buxom glosses as my lips do not get dry from these and feel much better when I wear them. 
Clair over Scandal
Here was the look created from both the eye and lip products from More to Love.  Even though this set was marketed for an easy holiday look, I think it works quite well for an easy, office appropriate look.  Still haven't decided what my next hair cut will be, but this is my day after being french braided aka "tousled" look. 
The Buxom More to Love set is currently on sale at Sephora for $28.  

Disclaimer:  I bought these.

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