Monday, December 24, 2012

Electrifying Sparkle: Lancome Color Design Infinite Shadow

Electrifying Sparkle
I've got a weakness for mossy or grayish green eye shadows, and Lancome's new Color Design Infinite Shadow in Electrifying Sparkle falls squarely into that genre.  The Color Design Infinite Shadows are similar in concept to both L'Oreal's less expensive Infallible shadows and Giorgio Armani's more expensive Eyes to Kill Intense shadows.  This all makes sense when you realize that L'Oreal is the parent company of both Lancome and Giorgio Armani. 
While I've found some (but not all) of the Infallible shadows to be less complex and a bit frosty, their $7.99 price tag makes the stand outs even more so.  Now, I think the selection between the 3 different brands boils down to what colors appeal to you.

I don't find Electrifying Sparkle to be a particular complex color, but it is a nice silvery green with a metallic finish.  The biggest issue I have with this type of shadow is making sure I get an even, non-patchy finish.  Application seems to work best with my fingers, but I find it hard to blend certain areas of my eyes that way.  I did use a smudge brush to work the shadow into my lash line and will be experimenting with other brushes to see what works best.  Wear time is quite good, but not the 24 hours they are billed as.  I still use a primer as I have oily lids, and can get a full day's wear with no creasing. 
Here is a comparison of Electrifying Sparkle with the other two green Infallible shadows I own, Golden Sage and Golden Emerald:
Golden Sage and Golden Emerald
Electrifying Sparkle
I'm not sure Electrifying Sparkle as a color is worth the $24.50 I paid, although I do like it.   But, given I cannot detect a different in consistency or performance between this and the Infallible shadows, I doubt I would indulge again unless it was (1) a really unique color, or (2) to meet a gift with purchase amount.  Since Electrifying Sparkle was my qualifying purchase for the Lancome Sparkling Champagne Holiday set, I've got no regrets!

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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