Sunday, December 23, 2012

Philosophy Home for the Holidays Set

I'm not someone who normally indulges in Philosophy shower/shampoo/bath gels, but the combo of 4 shower gels and glosses in one set pushed me right over the edge!   I've received a few of the glosses before, and I like them.  The deep tones in the set really appealed to me, and even the lighter gloss has the prettiest golden shimmer which makes it bit more unique.
The scents included in Home for the Holidays are Sparkling Cranberry, Have a Cherry Christmas, Peppermint Bark, and Cinnamon Buns.   If you don't care for scented glosses, these are not for you.  For the most part, I find them pleasant, although Peppermint Bark is a little on the strong side.  The glosses do provide a sheer wash of glossy, shimmery color to the lips.  I find them comfortable to wear and cannot feel any grit with the shimmer.  My lips feel hydrated and these last for several hours on me, which is about as long as anything does. 
The shower gels can also serve as a shampoo and bubble bath, although I doubt I'd ever use them regularly as a shampoo.  I did finally break out Candy Cane, which I received as a gift last Christmas, and the peppermint scent is perfect for this time of year.  The scent doesn't last beyond the shower, however, so they are more of an aromatherapy experience than a body scent.

The glosses are generously sized at .5 fl oz, and the shower gels are 4 fl oz.  Since the glosses are usually $10 each, you are essentially getting 4 free shower gels with this set, which is priced at $38.  As far as I can tell, this set is exclusive to Sephora.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.


  1. Ooh I love philosophy body washes. I haven't tried any of their lipglosses though. Are they sticky at all?

    1. They are a thicker gloss, so I would so they fall in the mid range of stickiness. It's not enough to bother me though, and it does help with the wear time.