Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Top Eye Shadow Palette Picks from 2012

Next in the series of my favorites from 2012 are eye shadow palettes.  Again, my criteria for "best" is what keeps pulling me back time after time.  These were not necessarily released in 2012, although some were, and are in no particular order:
  • stila's In the Know palette features all matte shades.  Now, I know that mattes can be hard to get excited about, but a good matte is essential IMO for blending and counter balancing shimmer.  This palette leaned heavily in the neutral corner, which is just fine by me.  The only dud was the dark gray smoke which was patchy no matter what I did.  Everything else was lovely.
  • Another stila palette called In the Garden makes my list primarily because of two colors, honey and moss, although none of these were problematic.  In fact, In the Garden makes a nice companion to In the Know, as this palette is primarily shimmers.
  • Next is the holiday palette from Too Faced, Shadow Bon Bons.  I think it's the combination of the soft neutrals as well as the matte Marzipan that makes this one a pick for me, as I find this palette very easy to create a complete look without reaching for anything else.  It's not uber exciting, but it's definitely wearable!

  • Last is the small and older Urban Decay Rollergirl palette.  I love Verve, and since I never bought Naked 2 or invested in the single, this was my access point.  It's a great little palette and was available at rock bottom prices during UD's sale this year. 
What were your favorite palettes this year?  I know there were a lot of great ones released, so let me know your choices!

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.

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