Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Natural Beauty Box Subscription Box for November

Today I wanted to show you November's The Natural Beauty Box.  If you are not familiar with this subscription service, it focuses on beauty and body care products that are 95-100% natural.  This is my second time receiving it, and I'm continuing to enjoy the samples that I am discovering through it!
Each month you are guarenteed 10-15 deluxe sized samples and November's box included 10.  You can see the list below, which includes a description, size, and value of each sample.  The value of November's box was $92 and four of the ten items were full sized, not bad at all for my $20 subscription fee!
So far, I've tried and loved the Sour Cherry Whip Lip Scrub, the Fruition Blue Raspberry Lip YUM, and the L'Sensuelle Natural Aphrodisiac Solid Perfume.
The lip scrub is a gentle scrub and very emollient.  The granules were not irritating and I actually left the scrub on for several minutes before taking a shower, and my lips still felt hydrated afterwards.  I could see using this before going to bed and leaving it on overnight as a treatment.
Sour Cherry Whip Lip Scrub
The solid perfume contains natural essential oils of ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood, amber, and frankincense.  I'm not sure how much throw it has, but every once in a while I would catch a whiff and I really like it.  It does wear off after a few hours, however, but it's easy to carry around and reapply as needed.

Cream Stick Eye Shadow in Cotton Sky
There were two makeup items, a cream stick eye shadow and 2 eye shadow samples.  The cream stick has a nice consistency and was easy to apply and smudge out.  I haven't worn it yet so cannot speak to wear time.  I'm guessing I could wear this as a lip tint or blush as well, given the color.  I see nothing in the ingredient list that would indicate otherwise.

I'm really liking The Natural Beauty Box and will continue to subscribe on a month to month basis (or every other month, as the case has been).  The only down side thus far has been that I usually receive the box at the very end of the subscribed month, or the beginning of the next month.  There is currently no tracking #'s for U.S. shipments (The Natural Beauty Box originates out of Canada), so they just show up when they show up.  I've had no problems with packaging and have been pleased with the products, however, so the long transit and lack of tracking # is more of an irritation than a real problem.
Disclaimer:  I purchased this and have no affiliation with The Natural Beauty Box.

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