Saturday, July 20, 2013

Julep July Boho Glam: California Coast

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I almost forgot to post about my July Maven box from Julep!  I'm not sure where my mind has been lately, but clearly it's a bit scattered.  Regardless, there were some lovely colors in this collection, inspired by the sand and surf of the California coast.  Plus, I love the Isak Dinesen quote above.
I stayed with my Boho Glam box this month, as I'm flush with Julep polishes after upgrading in June and indulging in the online warehouse sale.  One thing that was new this month is that Julep is now shipping the add ons with the maven box, instead of separately as they have in the past.
The Boho Glam box contents were the polishes Faye and Karen, along with a Beach Tonic dry body oil.   Faye is a bronze with a slight golden shimmer, and Karen is a peach bellini frost. 
The Beach Tonic dry oil has a soft citrus floral scent that is pleasant but unobtrusive.  The scent did have some staying power, as I could smell it several hours later if I sniffed my skin, but it is not something that projects itself.  It did leave my skin soft but not greasy, so I'd have to say I like it!  It contains skin conditioning cotton and sunflower seed oils and vitamin e in a base of silicones (silicones are apparently par for the course with dry oil sprays).
I also added on 2 polishes - Adele and America.  Adele is a gorgeous reflective golden top coat, and America is a patriotic glitter that I used to make a jelly sandwich, which you can see here
The extra item this month were some Green Tea blotting tissues, something I will definitely be using as we head into the dog days of summer!  These are larger than other blotting tissues that I have and come 40 to a pack - very nice.

Overall, a really great box!  After last month's DD cream misstep, Julep seems to be back in stride again. 

Disclaimer:  I subscribe to the Julep Maven program, which is $19.99 per month, although you can skip as many months as you desire.  If you would like to join, please considering using my referral link


  1. Nice blotting paper, those are always very useful during the summer months.
    Adele looks very pretty too!
    Are you skipping this month, I took a look at the colors and they aren't that great, I feel like a lot of them are recycled colors, like that green totally looks like courtney and that yellow totally looks like blake......

  2. Yep, I'm skipping. None of the colors really stood out to me, and the beauty items this month are just not things that interest me. I've gotten so many Julep polishes in the past 2 months anyhow, so a short break is probably in order:-)