Friday, July 12, 2013

NOTD: Bess and Portia by Julep

Bess was part of the June Nantucket Nostalgia collection, and is described as a baby blue cream.  It actually leans a bit turquoise, which gives it a cheerful tone I really like.  Unfortunately, I found the formula to be a bit thick and difficult to work with.  I really need to get some thinner for instances like this!  It didn't help that the Julep Freedom polymer top coat did not apply smoothly on top either.  Just a bad polish day, all around.
Bess, Portia
I liked the color enough that I lived with the imperfections.  Sadly, I did get a chip on the second day of wear, which is unusual for me.  I patched the chip and then topped it with Portia, a sheer tropical blue with opalescent glitter.  Portia complemented Bess quite well, adding delicate glints of color.
Sadly again, Mobile has had several days of rain, which made it difficult to get some good pictures.  Did you know that Mobile is the wettest city in the United States?  I don't think of it as being particularly rainy, although it's common to get daily thunderstorms in the afternoons during the summer.  But several days of rain isn't the norm, and it looks like this will continue for several more.  On the plus side, it's keeping the temperature down :-)
Rain out my front window
Disclaimer:  I purchased these.

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  1. Ugh. That sucks. I've given up with the Julep Polymer topcoat because I find that although it dries quickly, it chips like a mo-fo. ;) The blue is pretty, but again, it sucks that the consistency was too thick. The sparkles were a nice save, too! :)

    1. The weird thing is the Freedom Polymer topcoat usually works fine for me, but not on top of Bess!

  2. Gorgeous! I was totally thinking of investing in a thinner just for all my julep polishs, you know, i think it's time for to Julep just send all their subscribers one for free
    also your city still looks so lush and gorgeous in the rain!

    1. I would LOVE it if Julep sent us a thinner as the "extra" in the maven boxes, but I know they never will!

      I also think the humidity may play a role in the bad performance sometimes, especially when they seem to take forever to dry. Mobile is sub-tropical in climate, so the humidity is usually pretty high.

  3. I really like this with the Portia on top! Great combo! And I live in Vancouver, BC, so I totally get the "wet city" thing ;) Stopping by from the Nail Files!


  4. Love that color! I haven't been impressed with Julep at all and thought I would give them one more try...nope! lol Sorry for all the way and we got a ton last week in Nashville and now, nada! It's just hot and humid.