Friday, July 19, 2013

Miss Candy Nail Lingerie by L'Oreal

Back when I picked up two of the jelly polishes from the L'Oreal Miss Candy collection, I also got my first nail decal stickers to try out.  I've avoided these in the past as I doubted they would fit my narrow nail bed, but curiosity and the candy swirl design on these finally killed the cat.
Turns out that most of the stickers are too wide, as I suspected, although they could be cut down.  That's a bit more effort than I'm inclined towards, however, so I just used them on two fingers as an accent.
Worn over Sasha by Julep
I do love the design, but my first time attempt didn't yield results I was particularly happy with.  There were some bubbles where I didn't smooth them out very well, plus I found the edges to be rough, no matter how much I filed them.  The rough edges were particularly problematic, as they would catch on things.
So, these lasted less than a day on me.  Interestingly, they were not particularly hard to peel off, so I doubt they would have lasted very long anyhow.  The packaging does say they can last up to 10 days, so I'd be interested to hear if anyone has tried these with better results!  I do love how they looked on, but other than that, these were a $9.95 fail for me :-( 

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Disclaimer:  I purchased these.


  1. What a bummer they were user-unfriendly! They look gorgeous!!

  2. Hmmmm. Yeah, I 've had similar problems with the strips, only with me, they're not wide enough. I've tried a few different brands and found that the China Glaze ones were the best. I get cheesed, though, that you have to use the whole package once you open them. I'd only use a couple at a time, so for the price, it just doesn't make sense. The theory behind them is cool, but I'd rather just do whatever design, myself (if I can, anyway, haha!).

    You really matched the colour well with your other nails, so at least there's that! ;)

    1. The ragged edges are what really did me in! They need to make something that is really thin that you could apply heat to (like a blow dryer) that would make them meld to your nails but not anywhere else. Hmmm...

  3. I really like the way this mani looks, but it doesn't sound like I need to run out and grab these stickers anytime soon!! I've got all the same reservations about nail stickers as you do!


  4. They look really pretty! I haven't had luck with nail stickers either. I'm far too rough on my nails for a sticker to hold up!

  5. I usually avoid fake nail stuff (stick-ons, decals, etc). I tried a couple of stick on designs one time that a lady had given to me and they also were very bumpy and hard to smooth down. I don't remember what they were. It's a little sad, that these things target to be easier than doing your own designs, but when you put in that much effort and get bad results, it doesn't seem worth it to me. But I suppose it might be good for people who aren't terribly interested in nails? I dunno.

    Your nails do look cute though! :)


  6. These don't look like they are made of real polish? They aren't are they?
    You should try the sally hansen salon effects made with real polish, those are a lot easier to apply and last quite a bit longer!

    1. No, these aren't nail polish, which is way they were hard to file smooth, I guess. I think they are made of some sort of plastic?

  7. Verrryyy nice manicure I haven't tried Loreal's yet. Definitely will have to purchase now!

  8. They look amazing, but it stinks that they aren't that great quality.

    I'm not a nail shield/sticker fan myself. Like Jennie, I'd prefer to try to do it myself with tools or freehand.