Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Eco Emi: Endless Summer Spa

Although my life is usually relatively low stress, occasionally I get worked up about stuff and have to cajole myself with soothing self talk along the lines of "you have a wonderful life/job/whatever" and "things always work themselves out".  Plus I indulge in lovely smelling lotions, creams, or perfumes for their aromatherapy benefits.  Long walks with the dogs help with destressing as well.
Given that work stress will probably ramp up with the fall semester beginning in a few short weeks, July's Eco Emi featuring 8 eco-friendly solutions for pampering self and relieving the stress of daily life is very timely!

I received:
  • Rose Cleansing Grains by French Girl Organics:  This exfoliating cleanser sounds like it will be perfect for my oily skin, as it is designed to increase circulation and gently exfoliate without disturbing skin's natural pH balance.  It can also be used as a mask by combining with honey, yogurt, or the liquid of your choice.  Lots of intriguing ingredients, including some Ayurvedic botanicals, have me quite excited to try this out!  Sample value is $18.

  • Stress Relief Bath Soak by Eartha Essentials:  This is a bubble bath that will also sooth and soften skin.  Available in 3 scents, Stress Relief uses lavender and ylang ylang essential oils to tranquilize and calm.  I use items like these to soak my feet in when I giving myself a pedicure, as I don't take baths.  One day I'll have a lovely, deep tub to soak and relax in:-) Sample value is $2.00.
  • Lushful Lips Lip Scrub by Eartha Essentials:  I had received an email from Eco Emi alerting me that one of the items in the box was a lip scrub that may have melted and to put it in the refrigerator to resolidify (it's melted below).  Mine had leaked a bit in the box, but fortunately no major damage was done.  Featuring mango butter, coconut oil, raw cane sugar, and essential oils, I like using lip scrubs like these right before I shower.  I received the lemon lip scrub, but coconut lime and coconut creme versions are also available.  Sample value is $2.50.
  • Tangelo Twist Body Spritz by Aubrey Organics:  This body spritzer features a light citrus bouquet swirled with mandarin spice and is the perfect size to carry in my purse for quick refreshers on a hot day.  Using organic essential oils and fruit extracts to provide the fragrance and skin conditioning benefits, this will be the perfect pick me up for the summer doldrums.  Sample value is $2.79.

  • Amend Facial Solar Repair Anti-Aging Serum by Blissoma:  Featuring Pomella trademarked pomegranate extract (as well as a host of other ingredients), this serum is designed to reduce UV ray related cell death and free radicals while fighting inflammation and reducing collagenase activity.   Very interested in this, as I've got sun damaged skin and live in a high risk area.  Sample value is $2.16.
  • Whipped Cream Body Butter in Mother Pucker by Fortune Cookie Soap:  The description on the Fortune Cookie site says it all :-)  "The name sounds dirty but you sure won't be. This scent, with hints of Meyer lemon and garden mint, will leave others wondering who smells so delicious and you can say 'it's me Mother Pucker, it's me.'"  I've read lots of good things about Fortune Cookie Soap products so I'm excited to receive my first sample, valued at $2.19 (estimate).  
I also received a cucumber mint tea sample from Tea Forte (37 cents) and a sleep mask by Limitless Skies ($5.00) to add to the overall pampering experience, bringing the total value of July's box to $35.  Great box and I'm definitely excited about destressing with these products!

Disclaimer:  I subscribe to Eco Emi for $15/month.


  1. yeaaa! I love body spritzers!

    1. I used to wear them all the time, but somehow I got away from it. They are perfect for summer!

  2. What a great subscription! I've never heard of it.