Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Afterglow Cream Blush in Quickie by Urban Decay

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
One of the sale items I picked up from Urban Decay recently was the cream blush Quickie.  I've gotten spoiled by the cream blushes from The All Natural Face - both in quality and how inexpensive they are - but their color range is a bit lacking in cooler toned pinks.  Given that Quickie was on sale for $5, I grabbed one up!
Quickie is a cool toned pink that applies smoothly.  Color can be built up to a point, and I apply with my fingers and then buff out with my blush brush.  Wear time is about 6-7 hours on it's own, but I've been setting it with my DHC Poppy powder blush and getting all day wear.  I'm really happy about this combo, as Poppy on it's own didn't have much impact, but the two together are lovely.
Quickie (blush and lips)
I think the resulting flush of color looks very natural, and I'm also liking that Quickie contains Vitamins A, C, and E for potential skin benefits and protection.  Quickie also looks nice as a lip tint as long as you use gloss on top. 
Quickie with DHC's Poppy on top
Quite happy with Quickie, especially at the price of $5.  It has sold out at Urban Decay, but is available at the regular price of $24 from various other online retailers.  I also saw it for prices ranging from $6-$14 on ebay, if you feel inclined to track one down.  Alternately, The All Natural Face's cream blush in Bubblegum is close in color, although the finish is slightly more shimmery.


  1. UD blush for $5!!! Thats what I call a bargain! (: the name is naughty and the color looks fun ^_^

  2. I am surprised it's so long lasting!

  3. Surprisingly, cream blushes seem to wear well on my oily skin - especially when I set them with powder. I guess it's the same as wearing a cream shadow with a powder shadow on top - I always get longer wear that way.