Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Neo Aura Lip & Cheek Stain Gel by Vincent Longo

New Aura is a warm honey brown lip and cheek stain by Vincent, one of the six that I recently picked up for a song.  Loving the formula on these, which makes them so easy to use!
Neo Aura has a orangish undertone that I really like, but you'll notice that it definitely leans toward a brownish red on the lips.  The biggest surprise for me with these lip and cheek stains is how well they perform in each area - which is not always the case with multi-tasking products. 
Topped with clear lip balm
I've not noticed that these dry out my lips and find them comfortable to wear.  They do contain aloe vera oil extract, which would help in that area.  Regularly priced at $24 each, consider me a fan.  I'm happy to have gotten all six!

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