Friday, July 4, 2014

May & June Eco Emi: Happy Independence Day!

June Eco Emi
Disclaimer:  I purchased these.
Yes, I'm a bit behind in posting the contents of my Eco Emi subscription boxes ($15/mo), so you are getting a twofer post today.  I'll start with June's box, since it had a 4th of July color motif.  I hope those who celebrate Independence Day are having a happy and safe one!
My faithful photo assistant, Maggie
I'll admit it, I'm excited about the dog shampoo sample ($2).  Maggie is the only one of my dogs that doesn't have to be bathed regularly, as she does not smell.  In fact, she smells really nice!  I think it must be a breed thing.  She's probably only had 7-8 baths in her 9 years of living.  The terriers, OTOH, can get a bit funky.  Both Lulu and Lily are in need of baths soon, so I'll be putting this item to good use!
The second item that caught my eye is the Lavender Cuticle Oil ($5.29) by Whooty Hoot Creations.  Love the rose petals in the mix.
I was super excited to see the eyeshadow duo ($12) from Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques!  Fortunately, it's a different color than the one I purchase last Christmas, Toffee/Sandalwood (review here).  I'll post a review once I've played with this a bit, but I can say the dark gray is super pigmented and smooth.
Also hard to go wrong with receiving a sunscreen this time of year, and the ingredient list of this Aubrey sample (68 cents) is intriguing.  I'll be trying this out while mowing my yard today or Sunday.
The Molly Rose Lime Coconut Lip Balm ($5) smells great, but the formula is rather dry/matte and doesn't provide enough moisture for my lips.  Given the ingredient list I'm not really sure why this is the case, but there ya go.  This one will probably join the others that just didn't gel for me in the not quite right lip balm cemetery.
I also received an emory board ($3), a hair tie ($1.33), and a Vanilla Chai Infusion mix ($2.99), which brings the total of June's box to $32.29.  Now for a quick overview of May's box!
May Eco Emi
The pleasant surprise for me in this box was the Suncoat polish in Cinnamon ($8.99).  I really wasn't expecting much, but it's quite pretty and wore very well for a water based polish.  Very happy with this.
I'm a proponent of aromatherapy and use essential oils to scent my house, so Chill Pill ($10.99) is a welcome addition.  I add a few drops to my heated diffusers and soon can smell the sweet orange, lavender, patchouli, mint, sweet basil, and chamomile that makes up this mixture.  It reminds me of a spa.
I've used the Strawberries & Cream Facial Mask by bodyBrana ($10.50) once, and I like that this is one you can mix with water, milk, or toner.  I used a rose toner and want to try mixing it with yogurt for my next go around. 
I need to find where I put the The Berry Sugar Scrub by Beazer's Garden ($1?), as I don't remember using it yet.  I do remember that it smelled delicious, and now is the time of year that I use sugar scrubs regularly.  
I also received 3 teabags ($1.38), each with a different blend:  Energize, Cycle-Ease, and Sweet Dreams. 
The other food/consumable items in the box were Wild Watermelon sugar-free gum by Glee ($1.09), and a Sundried Italian party dip by Ellbee's ($5), bringing the total of May's box to $38.95.  I'm pleased with both May and June's box, and after 2 years of receiving Eco Emi boxes, still look forward to them!

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