Monday, July 28, 2014

NYX Chiffon

Like most baked formulas NYX's Baked Blushes are designed to be used dry or wet, depending on how much color you want.  Dry gives sheer color, wet more impact.  For blush, I prefer sheer, so that's what I'm showing in the swatches.
Chiffon is a soft mauve pink with shimmer.  I'm somewhat sparkle averse when it comes to blush, but Chiffon doesn't emphasize my pores or make my skin look oily, so it falls nicely into the "glowing" as opposed to "glitter" category.
Chiffon (sun)
Chiffon (shade)
It took some building up to get the color in the swatches, about 4 applications with a dense brush.  Fortunately, you can build color without it getting cakey. 
So how does NYX's baked blushes compare to Laura Geller's Blush 'n Brighten baked blushes?  Pretty darn well, IMO, especially when you factor in the price difference.  NYX baked blushes are about $7 vs. Geller's $26.50, and with the 40% off sales featured frequently at Ulta on NYX products, only about $4.20.  That's hard to beat.

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