Thursday, July 24, 2014

Santa Fe Essential Lip Color by Cargo

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Santa Fe ($22) is one of those my lips but better kind of colors that Cargo describes as a "deep apricot", with a barely there shimmer thrown in for good measure.  This is the kind of color that registers as "boring" when you look at it in the tube, but that translates to a flattering natural look when worn. 
Best of all, the formula is moisturizing, comfortable to wear, and fairly long lasting at 3-4 hours wear time.  The formula features Shea butter, olive and Jojoba oils for moisturizing and peptides that supposedly reinforce the connective tissue of the lips to plump them up.  Definitely a solid performer, I like! 


  1. man, I live for these kinds of colors! Never really hear about Cargo's lip products! Thanks for the review! I might check this out if it shows up on haute look


    1. Santa Fe would look great with your coloring!