Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chantecaille Luminous Lip Gloss in Passionfruit

 Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
The Luminous line of lip glosses from Chantecaille are supposed to be long-wearing, super-hydrating, with a fluid 3-d like gloss effect, and provide high shine with a splash of color.   At $34 each, they are definitely on higher end of the price spectrum (but hey, it's Chantecaille), so it would be nice if they deliver on their claims.  Do they?
Actually, for the most part, Passionfruit does!  I don't get the claimed 6 hour wear, but I don't get that on any lip product.  They are long wearing and comfortable for the 3+ hours I do get, however, and my lips do feel hydrated. 
Where Passionfruit excels for me is in the 3-d like gloss effect, which is due to shiny polymers in the formula.   My lips look fuller, and the shine is stellar.
I like the coral tint of Passionfruit, but it doesn't provide a whole lot of color.  It's not exactly a clear gloss, but I think you'll be disappointed if you are looking for color impact.  It works best as a layering gloss, IMO, as it provides warmth and high shine to underlying lip colors.
Passionfruit over Revlon's Brown Sugar Lip Butter
Passionfruit over Tom Ford's Luca
Passionfruit over LMdB's Nudite lip pencil
I received Passionfruit as part of the Birchbox Vanity Affair set ($98), and while I'm happy to have it, I'm not sure I would have purchased it on it's own had I known how sheer it looks on.  Lovely formula, though, so no complaints there!

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