Monday, February 23, 2015

Green & Natural Sample Filled Bear Naked Bag from Drugstore.com

Disclaimer:  Images are from drugstore.com, unless otherwise noted.
Just wanted to give a heads up that drugstore.com is offering a GWP bag filled with $42 worth of green and natural samples.  I took advantage of this offer several years back and really enjoyed testing out the various products I received.
2013 Earth Day sample bag contents (Photo:  my own)
This year's version contains a mixture of food/snack items, supplements/natural remedies, and beauty items.
I see quite a few new to me brands, which is one of the reasons I enjoy taking advantage of these kind of offers.  I've been shopping at drugstore.com for years now, and really appreciate the variety of items they offer, as well as the frequent sales and GWP offers.
To meet the $50 minimum purchase, I selected  mainly food items, although this avocado oil could potentially double as a beauty item as well.
I like to have nutrition/snack bars on hand for those days when I'm running late and need a quick, portable breakfast.
And I needed salt.
I've been making fruit/vegetable/protein smoothies several times a week for breakfast, and I swear my skin is looking better as a result.  It's a really easy way to get my daily dose of antioxidants from real food sources, plus I like them :-)  I'm looking forward to trying out this plant based protein powder.
The Bear Naked bag filled with green and natural samples is available until February 28th if you feel inclined to indulge.  You have to access this offer via a special link (which I'm hoping is also available to all via their site, as mine came via email), as no code is involved. 

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