Monday, February 9, 2015

February Julep Boho Glam: The Afterglow

Julep's February collection is entitled "The Afterglow", no doubt due to the beauty products offered this month:  a liquid eye brightener and powder highlighter.  I chose the powder highlighter in Champagne instead of the liquid click pen eye brightener, given my current use of Estee Lauder's BB  highlighter pen (see review here).
The Boho Glam polish colors were the purple/bronze duochrome Hazel and the Taos turquoise cream Brandis.  Everyone who took a box in February also got the Valentine's themed heart polish Hartleigh.  Some Maven's randomly received 5 more Hartleigh's to give to their girlfriends, and I was one of the lucky ones!

The Glow Highlighter in Champagne is a soft vanilla cream that, at least based on some initial swatches, provides a subtle shimmer.  I'll post a review after I get a better feel for it.  I added on Julep's new fan brush as well.
I'm still on the old Maven subscription plan that costs $19.99 a box, and the full retail value of my February box was $94.  Looking forward to playing with everything!


  1. I'm a little bit unhappy with my box since I didn't get the brush and I had cancelled my account last month but they still charged me... still, the highlighter's not too bad! I guess I'll still give them a chance ;)

    1. Well that sucks that they charged you after you cancelled. I wore the highlighter today and I like it!