Tuesday, February 24, 2015

MAKE Calypso Eyeshadow Palette: Gorgeousness

 Disclaimer:  I purchased this.  Links are for convenience only.
When I first received the MAKE Calypso palette as part of Birchbox's Vanity Affair set, I was a bit flummoxed by the selection of colors.  I wasn't quite sure how to make these work together, nor was I even sure these were colors I would wear.  After several weeks of use, I've changed my tune.  These are GORGEOUS.
For those not familiar with MAKE, it's a for-benefit brand (33.3 % of purchases made on the We See Beauty site go to support their foundation which supports cooperatives) with a mission to "encourage creative self-expression through color by fostering contemporary collaborations between makeup artists and creatives worldwide".  
Clockwise:  Alabaster, Bentonite Clay, Great Lakes, Woad
Housed in a sturdy cardboard case, there are a mixture of finishes in Calypso:  matte (Woad, Midnight, Cast Iron), satin (Bentonite Clay, Great Lakes, Aquamarine, Star Anise), and one glitter (Alabaster).  The formula on all of them is really, really nice:  smooth, great pigmentation, minimal fallout, and just so easy to work with.  I'm impressed.
Clockwise:  Aquamarine, Star Anise, Midnight, Cast Iron
I've been wearing Alabaster as an inner eye highlighter and Bentonite Clay on my brow bone almost exclusively for the past several weeks, love them both.  I thought Aquamarine would be a no go for me, but even that outside of my comfort zone color managed to work well for me.  Who knew?

I've used every color in this palette and have yet to think "that didn't work".  At first I thought the two dark blues were rather similar to be in the same palette, but actually Woad is a true navy whereas Midnight has a decidedly teal undertone.  Great Lakes was another surprise, as it looks gray in the pan but leans periwinkle blue on the skin.  Just so pretty!
 Here are a few of the eye looks I've done with Calypso:
Star Anise, Alabaster
Aquamarine, Great Lakes, Bentonite Clay, Alabaster
Star Anise, Cast Iron
The Calypso palette can be found exclusively at the Birchbox Shop for $40, which is a steal considering MAKE single shadows are $25 each.  These are cruelty, paraben, and fragrance free, and now that I've discovered them, I see more in my future.

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