Friday, February 6, 2015

The Phenomenon Ready 2.0 Eyeshadow Duo by bareMinerals

The Phenomenon Ready 2.0 Eyeshadow Duo by bareMinerals is putting me in the mood for spring, even though it isn't quite here yet.  Mobile will be experience some warm weather in the next few days, however, so I can pretend for a while :-)
Azure Isis is a soft but bright lilac/lavender, and while it's the less pigmented of the two, can be built up quite easily in a few passes.  Golden Iris, on the other hand, took only one swipe to get the color you see above.  
I don't automatically think of lavender and gold working together, but somehow they do.  You can even layer them to get a soft taupe.  Who knew?
I'm a big fan of the bareMinerals Ready eyeshadow formula, and have found them to be pigmented, smooth, and long wearing over primer (primer is always a must for my oily lids).  The Ready 2.0 duos are $20 each, which is on the steeper side.  I've mainly collected the Ready 4.0 and 8.0 palettes, but this lovely was a GWP, and I'm quite happy to have it!

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