Monday, February 2, 2015

Empties! Products I Used Up in January

I feel like I go through more shampoo than any other product.   I have probably 5 bottles of conditioner in my shower, yet I'm always running out of shampoo. 
My favorite of the two shown is definitely the herbalosophy, with it's sulfate free formula.  However, I've got another big ass bottle of the Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy, which was given to me, and is the only shampoo in the house at the moment.  Since I'm trying to use up product as opposed to acquiring more, I'll be on a steady diet of Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy for quite a while.
The Aubrey NuStyle organic hairspray got used up when I ran out of my regular spray.  It doesn't provide enough hold/texture for my taste, but if you are looking for a cleaner ingredient spray, it might be worth checking out.  The Agave Healing Oil Treatment didn't make much of an impression on me one way or the other. 
A sample from last month's Birchbox, I liked theSeaRx Anti-Wrinkling Serum, and it's gel textured formula worked well with my oily skin.    The Jouer luminizing tint is nice blended with Jouer's matte tint, although not something I'd buy on it's own, given my plethora of liquid highlighters on hand.  I did not care for the Dr. Jart+ Black label Detox  BB cream, another sample from December's Birchbox, so it's getting tossed after 2 uses. 

My favorite item from this group of products was actually the cheap lip balm, a freebie GWP from Cherry Culture.  It has a questionable ingredient list, but dang if it didn't do a good job of keeping my lips soft and moisturized.  Plus, it smelled like banana!
Of the foils that I used up, two stood out in a positive way and one in a negative.  The two positives were the
I was contemplating buying a bottle of Le Couvent des Minimes Botanical Cologne, and having a sample on sale sealed the deal.  Full review coming soon.
Jurlique's Radiance Serum, while not to really test out, still made a positive impression.  It's a brand I'd like to explore more at some point.  However, one of my resolutions for 2015 is going to be to use up the surplus of skin and body care products I have before purchasing new ones, so it may be a while!

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