Monday, February 16, 2015

Glow Pore Minimizing Bronzer in Light Golden Bronze by Julep

Is it too soon for bronzers, still being winter and all?  On the one hand I really hate that pasty, winter white skin look on me.  On the other, a fake tan look in the dead of weather doesn't seem quite right either.  But then again, I live in a sub-tropical climate where the temperature fluctuates in the dead of winter from 35 degrees to 78 in the matter of 24 hours.  So let's not over analyze this:-)
I've not been a big user of bronzers in the past, as most lean too dark or too ruddy for me.  Julep's Glow Pore Minimizing Bronzer in Light Golden Bronze ($28) packs a crazy pigment punch, but the tone and color works for my complexion. 
The trick to using this loosely packed powder is to lightly (lightly) tap the brush on the surface, which picks up more than enough color.  Swirling will produce way too much powder, as this is essentially a loose powder in a compact form.  This is a talc free formula, but there is a fair amount of powder kickup when applying.  It does adhere well to the skin and does not look powdery on.
The mineral-based formula features a light-diffusing diamond powder and vitamin B6 to reduce the appearance of pores while providing a soft shimmer.  There is also rosehip seed oil to soothe and repair skin, Malvaceae Lipid Extract to improve skin barrier function and retain moisture, and green coffe bean oil to promote skin cell turnover.
Despite the low ratings on Julep's site for the Glow Pore Minimizing Bronzer, I like this.  It's not without it's faults with the excessive powderiness which can make for a mes, but bottom line it looks nice on my skin. 


  1. I have the highlighter and while I love the soft, subtle glow it has the kick up is a bit frustrating! Still, surprisingly nice!

    1. The highlighter has far less kick up than the bronzer, which is essentially a loose powder in pressed form. I imagine if the bronzer was dropped, it would go everywhere!