Tuesday, December 24, 2013

All Star x12 Mini Lip Tar Set by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
My love of lip tars continues, so when the 12 piece mini set came out I put it on my wish list.  It sold out quickly from Sephora, but fortunately was restocked in time for me to use my VIB $20 off coupon.
These really are the perfect size, IMO, as you use such a tiny amount of lip tar to great effect.  I saw lots of comments on Sephora from people who had received a half filled tube of the clear lip tar, but all of mine were full, so hopefully they fixed that problem in the restock.

Of the twelve lip tars, only one was a dupe for me, the lovely flamingo pink Divine.  That's a color I use a lot so I'm actually happy to have the mini sized version as well. Swatches do not include the clear lip tar, which is used to prep lips to help with hydration and prolong wear prior to using colored lip tars.
You'll notice that Stalker bleed quite a bit, and that is at least partially due to it being separated.  Lips tars will separate if they set in the tubes for a while, but they can be remixed.  Some of the darker colors may be prone to bleeding regardless of how well mixed they are, however, but a lip pencil can help with that.  I just purchased a clear lip pencil from Too Faced which I'll be trying out with these, review coming soon.
Strumpet, Stalker, Psycho, Clockwork, Divine (Creme)
Authentic, Electric Grandma, Super NSFW, Yaoi, Lovecraft, Pris (Metallic)
I've been mixing the metallic lip tars (particularly Pris) with the cremes, and I like the finish the two together make.  The metallic lip tars do have a different consistency than the cremes - they are thicker and feel a bit more dry on the lips.  I use the clear lip tar underneath, apply the color lip tip with a brush,  and then top with a clear lip balm that is not glossy after dry down, and this combo is comfortable without markedly reducing the wear time.
Clockwork + Pris
Here is one of the more bold colors, Super NSFW, but combined with Pris it makes for a daytime wearable look.
Super NSFW + Pris
I tend to use whatever mixture was left from the previous day and add a new color to it, so here is Yaoi with Super NSFW and Pris.
Yaoi + Super NSFW + Pris
My only complaint with the lip tars is that they are not convenient to reapply throughout the day.  However, there are plenty of DIY videos on how to make these into lip balms, and one day I'll get motivated and do that.  One day :-)  The x12 mini set is still available at Sephora for $58, and is well worth it if you don't already have many of the colors in the set!
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!  The dogs and I will be opening our presents tonight - they have gotten quite good at it and enjoy the holidays as much as I do :-)


  1. what a fun set :) Strumpet looks great on you!

  2. Thank you! I was surprised at how wearable Strumpet was.

  3. I have Strumpet and Stalker. You wear these quite lightly it seems, I should try a more tinted look next time!

    1. I do wear them more sheered out, as I like a more natural/tinted look. Also, because I don't want to call too much attention to my makeup at work :-)