Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Picks for Best Body/Facial Care Items of 2013

Today I've got my 6 picks for the best of the body and facial care products I reviewed in 2013.  There were some seriously good items in this group that I'll be purchasing again in the future!

  • YonKa Vital Defense Intense Hydration (full review here):  YonKa is a French line that develops aromatherapy, phytotherapy, marine therapy and fruit acid based products.  I received the Vital Defense Intense Hydration in a New Beauty Test Tube and liked everything about this moisturizer, from how it smelled (citrusy) to how it performed (hydration without oiliness).  It is a higher priced moisturizer at $72 and YonKa is not easy to find (yeah for online retailers), so those are some potential downsides.  However, now that I'm aware of the brand, I'll be revisiting it in the future. 
  • St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Body Glow (see full review here): I go bare legged during the warmer months, which is about 9 out of 12 months here on the Gulf Coast.  So, a self tanner is a necessity, but I really dislike the scent of most of them.  Fortunately I disovered St. Tropez's One Night Only Instant Body Glow ($18), which gives me color without the smell.  It's not a self tanner per say, but a body tint that will wash off.  Fortunately, it's fairly transfer resistant (although not completely) and gives me streak free color that is realistic looking.   Unless I discover something better, this will be my go to when the weather warms up again.
  • Origins A Perfect World Moisturizer SPF25 (see full review here):  I went kicking and screaming into wearing sunscreen, but I finally got there.  I hated how most made my oily skin even more oily and/or gave me a grayish cast.  Fortunately, A Perfect World SPF25 ($39.50) does neither and doubles as a daytime moisturizer.  I've been using it for months now and don't see defecting, as I haven't found anything I like better for wearing under foundation. 
  • Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream ($14) by Farmhouse Fresh (see full review here):  This is my night time hand moisturizer of choice, as it's lavender/mint/cream scent puts me into an instant state of relaxation.  I like the formula as well and that it features 90% natural ingredients.  I just ran out of my tube and am currently using another Farmhouse Fresh scent called Whoopie! Cream (smells like white cake with buttercream frosting), but I'll return to Fluffy Bunny as soon as I use up Whoopie! Cream.  Love it!
  • One Fine Day Shea Sugar Flawless Face Polish ($25) by Farmhouse Fresh (see full review here):   Yep, Farmhouse Fresh again.  I guess they're my stand out body and facial care brand for the year.  One Fine Day has surpassed Suki's Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, which I was not expecting.  But, I find myself reaching for One Fine Day over Suki, so there ya go.  I love the scent and how it leaves my face clean, smooth, and hydrated with no greasy after feel.  Total thumbs up on this one!
  • Skynn Iceland White Cloud Spot Corrector (see full review here):   Yes, my sunscreen hating ways (and age) have left me with spots.  The White Cloud Spot Corrector actually did a pretty good job of lightening them, and at a price that was reasonable ($55).  I'm currently testing another spot corrector, but Skynn Iceland's currently holds first place for me.  
What were your favorite body or facial care items for 2013?  Anything I should be checking out?

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