Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dermablend Smooth Indulgence SPF 20 Foundation

For the past several years I've been using mineral powder foundations, but recently I thought I'd venture back into a cream foundation as I felt I needed a bit more coverage.  After looking at various brands, I decided to try Dermablend's Smooth Indulgence SPF 20 foundation in soft beige.  It is supposed to be a medium coverage, long wearing foundation with a matte finish for skin with minor to moderate skin imperfections.  Since my skin has more than a few imperfections, including broken capillaries, sun damage/discolorations, and under the skin bumps, I was hoping for a foundation that would provide good coverage without being too heavy or obvious.  I also needed something that worked well with oily skin.

Does Dermablend deliver?  I think so!  My biggest complaint was that I really had to blend, blend, blend or otherwise the makeup settled in my pores, but the beautyblender sponge seems to have solved that problem completely.  Now, application is quick, easy, and smooth.  A little goes a long way with this foundation, so the amount shown on the sponge covers the cheek to jawline area on one side of my face.   Smooth Indulgence contains titanium dioxide for a SPF of 20, which is great for me, since I rarely wear a separate sunscreen.  Wear time is supposed to be 12 hours (16 hours if wearing a setting powder), and while my oily skin probably shortens that by a bit, wear time is more than adequate.  I used the "auto contrast" feature in both these photos, which tends to emphasize imperfections/discolorations a bit more, but it really highlights the difference here!

Dermablend was developed by a dermatologist in 1981 and all their products are dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and fragrance free.  Smooth Indulgence SPF 20 foundation retails for $30.00, and I purchased mine at Ulta.   

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